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One of ICCSPL’s core strengths is to co-implement programs. The model works on three factors primarily: The first is the thematic intervention area. ICCSPL broadly takes up initiatives under three core areas, these are: i) Economic empowerment ii) Food & Nutrition Security iii) Responsible business. All our activities will necessarily have a direct link with one of the three core intervention areas.  Secondly, it assesses its own strengths and expertise. It never takes up assignments outside the domain of its knowledge and experience. The third factor is that we do a proper screening about what the partner brings to the table. It is very important for us to partner with other agencies/organizations that they bring in the value addition in a way that it compliments to the strengths of ICCSPL. This is a very critical element for sustainability and impact of all our programs. Some of the key co-implementation partnerships that ICCSPL has formed include the Mobile Movies Food Fortification project with Next Billion, Promoting Rural Energy Enterprises through the Clean Energy Program with GIZ, and rights based project on access to clean energy rights with European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).