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Assam Agribusiness Growth Lab (AAGL)

Assam Agribusiness Growth Lab (AAGL) is a first-of-it- kind Agribusiness Acceleration Initiative in Assam and North East India under the aegis of Assam Agribusiness and Rural Transformation Project (APART).

ICCSPL has partnered with the Centre for Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship (CIIE.CO), the Startup Incubator of IIM-Ahmedabad to co-implement this programme in Assam. The program aims to support 100 enterprises, in 4 years duration in the agri and allied sectors including participation of 30% women-led businesses. The program focuses on building capacity for selected enterprises, support in improving product standards, developing new products and services, introducing and adopting new technology in production and core operations and assisting them to mobilize finance for business.

The AAGL initiative was officially launched on 30th June 2021. ICCSPL in collaboration with CIIE.CO initiated virtual road shows and webinars in all the major districts of Assam, to look out for eligible agri-enterprises, provide information and popularize the program and invite applications from eligible enterprises. The 1st cohort of 25 enterprises was formed in mid-August 2021 with 32% representation from women-led enterprises for growth and upscaling.

Altogether 202 agri and allied enterprises from 23 districts of Assam submitted their applications to the AAGL programme. The applications went through intensive assessment consisting of three rounds and a final due diligence. Through the two rounds of internal and external evaluations, 56 enterprises were shortlisted for the final presentations. Each of the shortlisted enterprise pitched their businesses to a six member jury panel, consisting of industry experts, renowned business consultants, investors, mentors and academicians from the Agribusiness domain and members from ICCSPL and CIIE.CO management team. Members from institutions and organizations like IRMA, NIFTEM, NEDFi, Bharat Innovation Fund (BIF), Caspian and many others represented the jury panel. On completion of the pitch round, 25 enterprises (including 8 women led enterprises) were selected by the panel to form the 1st Cohort of the Assam Agribusiness Growth Lab.

Currently, the program team is working individually with each of these entrepreneurs to support them in solving core challenges of their business and help them scale their business through technical assistance and connecting them to relevant sources of finance.

To know more about the program, please log on to https://aagl.ciie.co/

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aaglindia

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