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Innovative Change Collaborative Services Private Limited (ICCSPL) is a value driven social consulting firm providing technical and knowledge support to individual and organizations to ensure lasting social impact. Through our basket of services, we enable foundations, non-profits, corporates, governments, and social enterprises in India to achieve sustainable development in a just and dignified manner.

Vision: To be a high quality, benchmark resource that supports businesses, corporates and social enterprises.

Mission: To ensure excellence and impact through designing and supporting innovative ideas and providing solutions in portfolio management and strategic collaboration with diverse stakeholders

ICCSPL operates through three core approaches:

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Co-implementation
  • Service Delivery


ICCSPL specializes in baseline assessment, managing CSR portfolio, carbon neutral value chain analysis, impact assessment, capacity building, community mobilization, market research & analysis, due diligence, and vendor selection & procurement process.

Objectives of the Company

  • To achieve sustainable livelihood and justice & dignity for all, by undertaking various programme activities out of funds generated through own resources , donations, grants from government and non-government funding agencies in India and abroad.
  • To give support and technical expertise for food and nutrition security, clean energy and sustainable economic development and also to provide support and technical expertise to the not for profit organisations, corporates, CSR Foundations and social enterprises for social causes in a fair and sustainable manner.
  • To promote inter organisational linking and learning and provide technical assistance for organisational development, development of financial systems and procedures, programme development and implementation.
  • To support partner organisations that renders and mobilizes assistance during natural disasters.

ICCSPL has a strong team of professionals from diverse backgrounds who have exposure to working in social enterprises, rural development, environmental sciences, private sector engagement, government, communications, management and finance. The team is perfectly blended and has a wide exposure to various sector & industry backgrounds and are ready to provide you with solutions which meet the standards of global best practices.