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ICCSPL provides innovative solutions
for development and impact

Partner to Enterprising People


 In order to have a wider outreach and be more effective, we build on and establish new strategic partnerships that go beyond a funding or sub-contracting relation. They involve preferential treatment for joint implementation, conceptual discussion of approaches and joint learning

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One of ICCSPL’s core strengths is to co-implement programs. The model works on three factors primarily: The first is the thematic intervention area. ICCSPL broadly takes up initiatives under three core areas, these are: i) Economic empowerment ii) Food & Nutrition Security iii) Responsible business.

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ICCSPL offers services in designing of livelihood models based on the Market System Development, Corporate Social Responsibility programme design along with implementation and financial management training. ICCSPL also provides services through the Akvo flow and Really Simple Reporting

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Innovative Change Collaborative Services Private Limited (ICCSPL) is a value driven social consulting firm providing technical and knowledge support to individual and organizations to ensure lasting social impact. Through our basket of services, we enable foundations, non-profits, corporates, governments, and social enterprises in India to achieve sustainable development in a just and dignified manner.

ICCSPL specializes in baseline assessment, managing CSR portfolio, carbon neutral value chain analysis, impact assessment, capacity building, community mobilization, market research & analysis, due diligence, and vendor selection & procurement process.

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Areas Of Expertise

Program development and management

We co-develop inclusive innovative solutions and inclusive business models to upgrade the agriculture value chains and Clean Energy enterprises. We also assist with program formulation, selection of stakeholders, capacity building and needs assessment for better implementation.

CSR program execution

We co-develop and co-implement CSR programs through innovation and collaboration with multiple stakeholders. Under the CSR initiative, ICCSPL partnered with ONGC and successfully implemented the installation of solar heating system and pumping system along with RO water purifier in three schools of Assam.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We bring in our global expertise of Monitoring and Evaluation, undertake evidence based reporting, develop tracking mechanisms, and set up monitoring information systems to ensure a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation process. For more information please follow the link:       https://akvo.org/


Through our globally recognized training tools, we have mastered the art of creating effective tailor-made capacity building modules. ICCSPL strengthens the in-house capacities of NGOs, Government, Corporates and other agencies, helping them add quality and value to their diverse intervention areas.

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